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 Shifting planetary consciousness:

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PostajNaslov: Shifting planetary consciousness:   Shifting planetary consciousness: Emptysri sij 18, 2012 10:53 am

From the fall of the angels to a planetary redemption

The shift that is coming with the 2012 event has to do with a shift from darkness into light. The adjustment that will take place at the etheric, mental, emotional and physical level of the planet will set the course for the Earth to move towards a golden age consciousness where divine culture and ideals prevail.

An environment of light, joy, peace, prosperity and love is the will of God for our Earth. This divine design has been thwarted for thousands and thousands of years by fallen angels who came to Earth after the great rebellion of Lucifer mentioned in the Book of Revelation. Some of the angels took embodiment among the children of God. Others were cast into the astral plane, from where they work to influence humanity to choose darkness rather than light. (An excellent book that describes this psychology of Lucifer and those who fell with him is Dialogues with the Devil by Taylor Caldwell.)

The fall of the angels

Everything comes down to free will. The angels who fell were jealous that mankind had been given free will by God, so they determined to sabotage the divine plan by enticing people into using their free will for evil (energy veil), rather than for good. In so doing, the children of God became ensnared, lifetime after lifetime, in the negative karmic patterns that they had set in motion. Hostage to their own negative choices and psychological momentums from past lives, it seemed as if the supreme divine gift of free will had almost become a curse....Until the time of enlightenment that is coming upon us when mankind has the opportunity to turn that very curse back into the teeth of those spoilers and manipulators. Now, through free will, we invoke the intercession of heaven to judge and defeat those forces of darkness once and for all, as the Bible says:
Know ye not that we shall judge angels? how much more things that pertain to this life? (1 Cor. 6:3)

Many people would like to believe that there is no evil, that everything is relative, or that we are already in an age of “peace, man.” It takes courage to look at darkness squarely in the face, to make the call for God to adjudicate that darkness, without getting enmeshed in a tit-for-tat.

Darkness abounds. We see it in the news, in the banking systems, in the governments of the nations, in the media and entertainment industries, in the drugs and human trafficking, in the abortion mills, in the negative influences leveled at our youth, in societies that do not uphold human rights or constitutional freedoms, in the attacks upon the family as the basic unit of life—the list goes on and on.

A mission of lightbearers

There are approximately ten billion souls assigned to this planet. The ascended masters revealed through Elizabeth Clare Prophet that only fifteen percent of the souls assigned to Earth are actually lightbearers, meaning that they carry a divine flame within the heart. The distribution of lightbearers varies by geographical area and group karma. It was revealed that Taiwan, for example, has the highest percentage of lightbearers per square mile than anywhere else on earth because so many Chinese lightbearers fled to Taiwan during the Communist Revolution.

Lightbearers are individuals who have a deep vested interest in doing good and in assisting humanity in progressing toward the light. Those who are not lightbearers tend to be indifferent, to give only for personal gain, or engage in further destructivity, in both overt and subtle ways. Lightbearers are divided into two groups: the Sons and Daughters of God—older souls who incarnated over longer periods of Earth's history—and younger souls called Children of God.

When we look at a map of the world population from the late 1900s until now, and then projected out into coming years, we see an almost exponential growth taking place. This is because more and more souls are incarnating in this time of choice. Every soul assigned to Earth (that has not either ascended into heaven nor received the final judgment called second death) is given a final opportunity to take embodiment and to make choices that will contribute towards the collective good or magnetize that final judgment.

The energetic weight of so many people making this determination is heavy for the planet to bear. Everyone on the planet is affected by the collective consciousness. The rapid expansion of global communication is compounding the level of intensity, while simultaenously providing an opportunity to bring about great change. We are also experiencing an acceleration of time. Time seems to be going by faster and faster, than say, in the 1960s, and we are also processing more energy and initiations in the time we do have, making it so that a lot more expereince is getting crammed into a twenty-four day, than was the case fifty years ago.
The good news is that, as lightbearers, we have an extraordinary potential to turn things around for the better, precisely because we have that flame of God in the heart. Lightbearers are the spiritual stewards for Earth. Though the divine flame in the heart, we can connect with God at a very deep level and use our free will for a positive outcome. In so doing, we will facilitate this transition into 2012 for millions of souls who, at inner levels, count on our example. We will also fulfill our reason for being so that we can make our ascension at the end of this life and not have to potentially reembody once again in denser levels of evolution.

A threefold mission

Our mission, then, is threefold:
1. We strive to manifest our individuated Christ consciousness by resolving our self-limiting psychology, and by taking that next right step in our lives by practicing loving thoughts, feelings and actions towards ourselves and towards others.

2. We engage in the alchemical science of spoken prayers and mantras to bring about personal and planetary change. We invoke the violet flame for personal and world transformation. We call to Archangel Michael and to the thirteen archangels for the protection of all lightbearers and all right action. We call for the divine judgment of fallen angels working in the physical and on the astral plane, along with those who are their tools of darkness—according to the will of God. We invoke the Solar Ring and visualize that solar ring around the entire planet.

3. We develop a one-on-one relationship with an ascended master saint like Jesus, Buddha, Mother Mary, or Archangel Michael—a divine being we feel a kinship with, who has mastered earth’s school room. This divine being will help and tutor us on inner levels and in our day-to-day decision making, so that we may then pass on that tutoring to those souls God would send us to shepherd. (For a comprehensive list of ascended masters, please visit

A word about UFOs and the ascension

In a lot of the 2012 information that is out there, we find a growing fascination with UFOs and with beings from UFOs appearing as world saviors. UFOs exist and weave in and out of the physical plane and astral plane. All of the UFO phenomena we have come across harbors a dark and heavily psychic vibration. Even crop circles, though intricate and interesting, do not have that vibration of light and holiness that you can encounter in a holy shrine or in the keep of a cathedral. Ultimately, everything comes down to light and darkness. Even the highest technology and communication coming from outer space is subject to that test: “Show me your light.”

The true ascended masters work with our soul on inner levels, like in the etheric retreats of light when our bodies sleep at night. They do not need spaceships to communicate with us, and those who do are psychic imposters. Now the ascension process is an event that the soul experiences after the death of the body, when the soul has achieved enough Christ mastery and has balanced enough karma not to reincarnate. This event also takes place in the etheric retreats of the heaven world, in higher realms of consciousness, which are the many mansions Jesus spoke of. It is not a physical operation rescue that happens at the hands of UFOs.
As lightbearers, we must not be duped into giving our energy and allegiance unto beings who are not of the light, even if they claim to assist humanity. We are already endowed with a divine spark. As we place our attention and nurture that divine spark through our spiritual dedication, we come into deeper contact with our own higher self—the I AM THAT I AM—and its intercessor for us, our own Holy Christ Self. This sets up the potential for the Sponsoring Master relationship, the master who personifies that Holy Christ Self for us.
This divine relationship is actually a very ancient catalytic process where God as Guru in the master communes and quickens our innate God-potential. The process is always about God meeting God through the evolving potential of self. For this reason, any relationship that appears as one standing between us and our God must be Christ-discerned and Christ-focused. The inner Guru is sufficient. Let none less than the Christ be the interface between our soul and the great God of our own being, the I AM THAT I AM.

We must understand that the earth is already operating in multi-levels of consciousness. On the lower etheric plane, there are fourteen etheric cities over the seven seas and the seven deserts of the planet, as well as hundreds of ascended master retreats in the higher etheric, where lightbearers gather at inner levels. (You can find out more here) In these etheric retreats and cities, the golden age prophesied for Aquarius is already happening and our souls imprint that memory.
The New Jerusalem

When the shift marked by 2012 comes, Earth will begin to become more congruent with that etheric plane, for those who sustain a vibration that can perceive it. This is the descent of the New Jerusalem foreseen in the Book of Revelation. It has been, and will be taking place, both at an individual and at a collective level.
Any fear about 2012 must be displaced with the joy of the celestial City Foursquare decending. The optimal shift that we can hope for in this transitional time of 2012 is one that is gradual and gentle. The way Brian saw it was like the winter solstice, where even though the next day is only a bit lighter than the day of Solstice, we know that the wave of darkness has turned back and that light has begun to increase once again. We hope and pray that the fiery blueprint of the New Jerusalem descending can convert this planetary platform in a gradual and gentle way, with a minimum of destruction and loss of life.
And once again the scene was changed,
New earth there seemed to be.
I saw the Holy City
Beside the tideless sea.
The light of God was on its streets,
The gates were open wide,
And all who would might enter,
And no one was denied.
No need of moon or stars by night,
Or sun to shine by day;
It was the new Jerusalem
That would not pass away,
It was the new Jerusalem
That would not pass away.

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Shifting planetary consciousness:
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